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WXLIVE! Conditions as of 3:24pm on 3/27/17
 CurrentMax TodayMin Today
Temperature80.9°F81.2°F @ 3:18pm57.3°F @ 2:29am
Dewpoint65.7°F67.2°F @ 10:55am53.6°F @ 12:19am
Humidity60%90% @ 2:05am59% @ 3:02pm
Feels Like80.9°F81.2°F @ 3:18pm57.3°F @ 2:29am
Barometer29.76 in Hg29.94 in Hg @ 12:08am29.76 in Hg @ 3:18pm
Wind DirectionWSW  
Wind Speed2 mph22 mph @ 12:29pm0 mph @ 12:00am
Wind Gust10 mph22 mph @ 12:29pm0 mph @ 12:00am
Daily Rainfall0.01"  
Rain Rate0.000 in/hr  
Wind Chill80.9°F81.2°F @ 3:18pm 
Temp. Rate1.07°F4.82°F @ 10:59am-0.10°F @ 7:39am
24-Hr. Temp. Diff.5.9°F  
24-Hr. Humidity Diff.6%  
24-Hr. Pres. Diff.-0.18 in Hg  
WXLIVE! Monthly Climate Data
ParameterMax this MonthMin this Month
Temperature86.6°F on 3/20/1725.1°F on 3/15/17
Dewpoint67.2°F on 3/27/1719.4°F on 3/15/17
Humidity95% on 3/8/1722% on 3/4/17
Barometer30.67 in Hg on 3/3/1729.72 in Hg on 3/1/17
Wind Speed24 mph on 3/1/17 
Heat Index88.5°F on 3/20/17 
Wind Chill 18.3°F on 3/15/17
WXLIVE! Annual Climate Data
ParameterMax this YearMin this Year
Temperature86.6°F on 3/20/1710.8°F on 1/8/17
Dewpoint68.1°F on 2/28/175.6°F on 1/7/17
Humidity98% on 1/2/1722% on 3/4/17
Barometer30.86 in Hg on 1/8/1729.30 in Hg on 1/22/17
Wind Speed30 mph on 1/12/17 
Heat Index88.5°F on 3/20/17 
Wind Chill 1.0°F on 1/7/17

WXLIVE! is powered by a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 2 Wireless weather station and Virtual Weather Station version V15.00. The station is located in Rockyford Subdivision, Bartlett, TN, Bartlett, TN, (35.2676163°N, -89.8377457°W). Data on this page updates every 5 minutes.